Experience a Twisted Reality!

Rent a virtual reality experience! The “VR-station” will be brought to you, set up and instructions given.
From there you will forget about the real world for a while, but unlike Alice, you decide how deep you want to go down the rabbit hole!

You can try the lives of divers, pilots, astronauts, race car drivers, mountain climbers, Jedi knights or zombie hunters.

Just keep your headset on…

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So, for who is this?

Company Parties

Spice up the next company party with a fascinating experience. Break stuff, drive too fast, get fired from your virtual job!
All is tolerated and everything is forgiven in the virtual world.


Enhance your stand by adding extra flavour to it.
VR is an eye catcher in 2017, jump on the train!

Art class

How about a virtual art class, where the whole room is one big canvas?


Experience the game from within.
Challenge your friends in a new environment.
Who will be the master of VR?

Clown substitute

Have your children outgrown the birthday clown?
VR is Teen Entertainment guaranteed!

Team building

Have your team cooperate to defuse a virtual bomb, construct a machine to solve a puzzle, play VR-Pictionary or make an amazing multi-artist 3d painting!